As investors, don’t we all love investing in high-growth stocks? Stronger gains and fewer risks are all that we want when investing in the stock exchange. Australian Stock Exchange has some great potentials that you could invest in and earn good amounts in profit.

Some of the stocks have already made so much, and yet they have so much potential. Investing in such companies only delivers great returns with minimum risks.

Needless to say, you can strengthen your investment portfolio by a great deal by investing in any of the growth stocks listed on the Australia Stock Exchange (ASX).

Here are our favorite picks from the ASX in 2020.

  1. Xero

Xero, a New Zealand based software company, is focused on designing accounting software for various clients across New Zealand, Australia, and other parts of the world. The company has made to the list of top growth stocks on the ASX for all the right reasons. No one has ever regretted buying its shares.

  • A2 Milk

Who knew a company selling dairy products could be included in top growth stocks? A2 Milk has done a commendable job on all fronts which is why people are actually encouraged to invest in the company through the stock exchange. Not only does the company sell its products throughout Australia but also has its distribution across the globe. We believe, it is one of the safest companies to invest in.

  • Afterpay

It is a consumer financial firm that has given us all the facility of to buy now and pay later. Aren’t we all enjoying the perks of such a facility? The company is not only famous in Australia but also has made its way into other developed countries such as USA where it is expanding rapidly. The growth of the company is quite visible and hence, many investors are encouraged to look into it for making stronger gains.

  • Appen

Appen is a well-established company offering IT services to the most successful clients. Also, we think it is absolutely safe to buy the company’s stocks because it is established and also IT is something that is never going to fade away as the entire world has almost become digital.

  • Nanosonics

Another field that can never become obsolete is medical and everything else associated with it. Nanosonic ranks among high growth companies providing with top-notch medical devices. It basically specializes in sterilization and disinfection technology. The company has always been consistent with its research and innovation that it has made to the top in the ASX.

  • NetLinkz Ltd.

NetLinkz Ltd is another organization from the information technology sector offering stronger returns with fewer risks. The company has its headquarters in New South Wales, Australia and was founded in 2004. Over these years, it has made a strong mark in the financial market and was listed in the stock exchange just after 7 years of its launch.

Start planning your investments right away now that you have the required information on the top-performing stock on the ASX. Also, don’t believe in sensational news on social media when investing. Talk directly to the people linked with the stock market.