Many believe that in today’s world, due to the increase in technology and the increase in electronic media, people believe that in the near future the printing market will become obsolete. This is because people now watch the news digitally on their televisions or smart devices. People scroll through news on social media and prefer to interact digitally rather than having a printed version of the same.

However, we do believe that printers or the printing market going obsolete is unlikely. This is because there are a few key reasons why printers are essential even in today’s world. These reasons have been listed down below. If you want to buy a new printer, you can look here for refurbished Ricoh printers.

  1. Digital solutions are not as solid as they claim to be

It is believed that the digital world is the most efficient way to spread information. It is no secret that about 3 billion people are usually active on the internet. However, some flaws come along with their efficiency.  However, when we talk about storage of data, storing it purely in digital form will also lead to a loss of data. This is because as the technology updates, older forms of formats will then become the reason for the loss of data. This is one of the reasons why print media is important.

  • Value of paper

The value of a paper is unbeatable by the screen of technology. The feel that ink and paper provide, it can never be replaced by that of the screen. The reading experience is still very valuable to many customers and many still prefer it. This is why it is likely that printers will not go obsolete any time soon, as people still do want to read on paper rather than on screen. Also as software evolves, people may lose their data due to formatting, which could be another loss.

  • Magazines and Newspapers

Many people still do prefer reading their magazines and newspapers on paper. Not only does it prove to be a more sensual experience for them but they also tend to find comfort within the pages. All across the world, morning newspapers are sold on streets, in small corner shops, and more, making that obsolete seems very unlikely. When we talk about marketing in the new world, digital media is used to skyrocket your campaigns or when we talk about business especially in this COVID 19, digital media has been leading the way. However, the traditional print media has been playing its part too.

Even though digital media has been all the rage these days, we need to realize the importance of print and the print industry. It was the technology that transformed the world in the early 19th century and now as digital media revolutionizes this century, we must hold onto the print media and printers as they have become a part of our lives.