By conventional definition, it seems that Justice Of The Peace is someone with decent recognition, power, or stature in the community. These individuals are authorized to witness and confirm the authenticity of the documents, affidavits, etc. In other words, they sign the statutory declarations. They ensure that the copies of documents are authentic, among other things. Depending on the state, appointing a JP (Justice of Peace) might vary.

But is that all there is to be a JP? Let’s expand on it further:

The Power To Authenticate Anything

A JP can give credibility to a statutory declaration. These documents are common in banks, insurance companies, and other similar fields. Similarly, they can also legalize and confirm any affidavit, which works as evidence in court. Any copy of the document can receive full recognition, credibility, and authentication if a JP deems it so.

In simple words, they make any piece of paper true/false or legal/illegal in the eyes of justice.

Things The Justice Of Peace Isn’t Allowed To Do:

A justice of the peace has to commit to the work and duty. They can’t deny their service to anyone unless there is a compelling reason. JPs aren’t allowed to ask for gifts or payment in exchange for their services.

While they can authenticate any piece of paper or document, they can’t write or create them. They can only analyze the components and determine whether it is true or not. A crucial point to note is that they aren’t lawyers. Nor are they trained in the law. Thus, they can’t provide you any legal advice.

There is a code of conduct and handbooks available that a JP has to read. A handbook helps the Justice of peace learn what they can do and go through each process efficiently. These handbooks and guides are also available for anyone to check.

How Does Justice Of Peace Provide Their Services?

Initially, they check the documents or papers and see if everything is correct. Then, they will go ahead and make a signature and often place a stamp. A JP can have a customized stamp that would appeal to the people and look better. If you’re wondering where to find it, you can check out the justice of the peace stamp at Dial A Stamp.

Point To Remember

The role and definition of Justice Of Peace can be different in another nation. Therefore, you would have to check to see their specific requirements. We primarily covered the information about the Justice of Peace in Australia.

As a final note, almost anyone can file a complaint against a JP. You can complain if they find the person unfit to be a JP or find their behaviour biased. The complaint can’t be about private affairs or problems. It needs to be strictly professional. JPs don’t have immunity against the law and will undergo proceedings if they have committed an offence or crime.

Hopefully, this clears out the concept of JP for you.