There is a never-ending debate on topics such as which profession is better, a doctor or an anesthesiologist. Many times experts try to draw parallels between the two. It is found that in some cases anesthesiologist is better, whereas in others doctor is better. The debate is not one; either side can win.

However, the salary these professionals receive could be a deciding factor if you are someone who wants to decide which profession is better. Or, if you are selecting a profession and want to know which one has the high pay, then you are at the right place. This blog will guide you through the roles of the profession and their salary. 

Role Of A Doctor

The role of a doctor mainly depends upon the specialisation they have chosen. However, the general things which a doctor needs to know are the following:

  • Diagnosing the disease.
  • Identifying the cause of discomfort to the patient.
  • Treating the disease or health condition.
  • Referring to the right doctor regarding specific conditions.
  • Monitoring the patients and regularly checking them up.

Apart from these roles, doctors also participate in research programs to find a cure for diseases that are still not curable.

Role Of An Anesthesiologist

The title anesthesiologist is self-explanatory; it is a profession where a person administers anesthesia to his patient. However, anesthesia is a drug, and people are susceptible to addiction. Due to this reason, an anesthesiologist needs to devise a schedule based on the patient’s medical history. The schedule includes what medicines the patient can have, including the dose of anesthesia.

Some patients have so much critical medical conditions that giving anesthesia is not an option. So, to make the treatment easier, anesthesiologists suggest alternative ways. An anesthesiologist is often needed in cases where surgical procedures are carried out. Thus, they get to work with the surgeons.  

Who Makes More Money, A Doctor Or An Anesthesiologist?

Salary Of A Doctor

There are so many advantages and disadvantages of being a doctor. The main disadvantage is the lack of time; sometimes, you do not have any time for yourself. However, the advantage is the pay you get in return for sacrificing your personal time. In Australia, doctors earn $85 to $90 an hour. Entry-level doctors earn around $130,000 annually. Experienced doctors can earn up to $234,000 annually.

Salary Of An Anesthesiologist

The salary an anesthesiologist receives widely depends upon the experience. Experienced individuals can receive up to $150 to $160 per hour. However, the standard rate is $80. Also, the amount of time you are giving to your job also influences your earnings. An anesthesiologist can earn $200,000 to $500,000 in a year. Dr Anthony Singh, a Melbourne anesthesiologist, is one of the most experienced ones who receive a decent income. 

Final Thoughts

Even after knowing the salaries, you can’t decide which profession can earn more money. The hours a professional invests on the job can influence the total earnings. The only way the former can earn better than the latter is if the former is more experienced. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that in the medical line, an individual who is in a high-level position and has a lot of experience would earn more than a less experienced one.