The debate between the use of line interactive UPS and online UPS is an old one. Both have an array of perks and drawbacks that they bring to the table. Today, you’ll discover a quick checklist, or pointers, that could help you make the decisions. This guide is going to provide you with some valuable information that will help you make the right decision.

Now, remember, just like any other essential fit-out in the office, or workplace, choosing the right type of UPS also matters. With that thought in mind, let’s begin:

1. The Requirement Factor

Let’s start with the requirement factor. In this case, online UPS are often known to surpass Line Interactive, but only when the requirement is higher. If you need at least 750 VA to 5,000 VA or beyond, you can consider online UPS. However, if you have a lower requirement, then you might want to consider Line Interactive UPS.

Generally, Line Interactive UPS is great for below 750 VA to 3,000 VA. This is their safe ground. And this makes them great for any facility and appliances with these requirements.

2. The Performance Factor

If you want to consider the performance factor, Online UPS might have a positive result. However, it directly correlates to the price, as well. Online UPS are generally costlier and will require more budget to integrate them in your system.

Line Interactive UPS are still great with a broad spectrum of protection. They get the job of being the ‘UPS’ done. It means that if you’re looking for the protection that a UPS provides and the same level of performance, Line Interactive UPS are top of the line. If you’re looking for something more, then consider online UPS.

Online UPS are better for infrastructure with intensive requirements, excessive power, and performance—for instance, data centres. Otherwise, there’s no need for you to consider them. This being said, if you’re scaling, then you can consider them.

3. The Safety Factor

As mentioned, Line Interactive UPS will get the work done. They protect your appliances and other infrastructure from the five primary dangers:

  1. Blackouts
  2. Sags
  3. Surges
  4. Under Voltage
  5. Over Voltage

So, if you want to defend yourself from these threats, you will have full-fledged protection. If you need more other forms of protection, like downtime protection, crash protection, and so on, then you can consider online UPS. 

4. The Cost Of Operations

Your budget will always impact the end-decision. Now, as you can see, we have mentioned that if you are on the budget, you should buy line interactive UPS online. They will be feasible and worth the investment.

More importantly, the cost of operation for online UPS can surpass Line Interactive UPS. Often, online UPS get hotter, requires more power input, and requires excessive maintenance. So, if you’re looking for the cost of operations, budget, and more, consider line-interactive UPS instead of online UPS. You will have better luck there.

It’s Up To You

That said, you have all the information needed to make the decision. It all comes down to your current requirement, scalability, protection, and cost. Once you have these, you will know which one to use.