Eco-Friendly fashion is becoming increasingly popular and if you are curious to know what exactly is the appeal of environmentally friendly accessories like jute bags then this article is for you.

Fashion Statement

When you carry a jute bag, you are making a fashion statement which has a purpose other than to just draw the attention of people to the look of the bag. A jute bag is a symbol of green practices and an effort to prevent further harm to the environment.

Jute is a 100% biodegradable material and making bags out of it makes them biodegradable as well. So, you are walking around with an accessory that reduces waste and doesn’t harm the environment at all. That is a big statement.

Bohemian Style

A bohemian aesthetic has elements of nature with an artistic and free-spirited expression of oneself. This aesthetic has become wildly popular in recent years as awareness about organic and eco-friendly products is increasing. Jute accessories, especially bags, will give your outfit that boho-chic look.


It is a well known fact that jute is a very tough material, which makes its products equally durable. One of the popular qualities of jute bags is their durability. They withstand rough handling quite easily and it makes them perfect for use in everyday activities. You can store your stuff in it without having to worry about it ripping or getting damaged in any way, unlike single use plastic bags.

Promotion of Sustainability

Sustainability is a long-term goal of both developed and developing countries, so practices that prevent further harm to the environment and reduce waste are promoted. By using a jute bag as an accessory, you are showing everyone around you that you promote sustainable development.

Show of Social Responsibility

Production of jute bags offers employment opportunities to many people who reside in the regions where jute is cultivated, harvested or processed. This not only  supports them in earning their livelihood but also positively impacts economic growth. Using jute bags shows that you care about that cause and are socially responsible.


Because of their incredible durability, jute bags can last a very long time. This means that they can be reused unlike plastic bags, which were only meant to be used once. Reusability helps in reducing waste, making the jute bags more eco-friendly.


It is important to recycle whatever can be recycled. This is an incredibly important step in reducing waste. Jute bags are recyclable, so if you are finally done with using them, you can easily recycle them. This way, you won’t be contributing to any wastage.

Discouragement of Using Plastic

By using a jute bag, you are not only minimizing your use of plastic bags but also discouraging their use by other people. When people see you sporting a jute bag as a chic accessory, they are bound to be motivated by this and this can encourage them to switch from plastic to jute bags.

The Bottom Line

These are a few of the things that make jute bags appealing as eco-friendly fashion accessories. If you go green with stylish and durable jute shopping bags, you will be taking that first step towards switching to eco-friendly fashion.