Agricultural operations need to be carried on while keeping various factors in mind. Storing molasses is exactly such an operation. You need to look at numerous things in order to decide which tank will be the right one for you. Here are a few of such factors that can guide you to make the right decision.


When you are deciding which tank to get for storing your molasses, you need to keep your budget in mind. Keep a set amount of money aside for the tank. It should be something that you can afford. Going over the budget will only prevent you from getting more tanks in the future or even carrying on other agricultural operations smoothly.

Molasses tanks are heavy-duty, so they can cost more than your average storage tank. That’s why you need to take this decision carefully. Make sure you don’t sacrifice too much on the quality just so it costs you less.


A tank for storing water is worlds apart from a tank for storing molasses. The latter is thicker, heavier and more viscous than water. So, you need a tank that can handle all of that without falling apart. A tank for storing molasses often needs to be specially engineered, so they differ in the material from other types of storage tanks.

You need to be sure of the type of molasses you are going to store in order to choose a tank with the correct materials. It is a known fact that molasses is viscous but do you know some molasses are way more viscous than others? Something like blackstrap molasses will require a tank that is made of materials that can handle its viscosity.


Molasses tanks are not different from other storage tanks in the matter of climate. You need to choose a tank that is made of materials that can withstand the climatic conditions of your area. If the climate is too cold where you wish to store your molasses then you will need a tank that is easily able to resist freezing temperatures.

If the tank is made of materials that get stiff and brittle in those conditions then it might crack or break completely and spill the molasses. If the tank cannot insulate the molasses from extreme cold or heat, then that can also pose significant problems. So, make sure you choose a tank that shows little to no sensitivity to the outside climate conditions.

Storage Size

The storage size of your tank depends on how much molasses you need to store. You can get multiple small tanks if large tanks are an issue for you to buy or keep but usually, the latter are advised. Calculate how much molasses you will need to store on a regular basis and then decide the volume of the tank.

The Bottom Line

These are only a few of the plethora of things to be kept in mind when choosing a molasses tank. If you use these factors to guide your decision, you can Discover High-Quality Molasses Tanks at TTi.