Apparently, if you are a leader, you must have achieved one or more than one levels of leadership until now. Identifying your current phase of leadership is not a complicated task. You just need proper insight into the 5 phases of leadership to figure your level out.

Before beginning, you should know that the concept of 5 levels in leadership was proposed by John C. Maxwell, a renowned author who has written several books on leadership. So, now that you know that this 5 phase thing is not just a random theory let’s dive into the details of leadership phases.

1. Position

It is an initial stage of leadership which is often referred to as an entry-level. In simple words, it is merely a position that states that you are a leader now and nothing more. What comes after this phase is more vital. However, this first phase has its own importance because to climb a ladder; you must start from somewhere.

2. Permission

The second phase of leadership is a bit more mature and holds more value than the first one. At this level, you are a leader because people have chosen you as one. Leaders at this level are usually admired by the people who follow them.

3. Production

Phase three of leadership is a real deal for business operations. The of this phase is self-explanatory, “Production.” This means results. In this phase, the effectiveness of your leadership is measured. If you can get people to complete the task and be productive, you are already at level three.

4. People Development

The fourth phase depicts the leader who identifies and creates new leaders in their field. At this point, the leaders are very well versed and know the do’s and don’ts of their respective fields. In short, they become expert leaders. As a result, they start identifying people with leadership qualities and motivate them to become a leader.

5. Pinnacle

The fifth phase is the highest and the last phase of leadership. Therefore, it is the hardest to attain. Only those who have years of experience as a leader and created numerous leaders along the way can achieve this phase. Many people’s leadership journey ends in the third or the fourth phase. An honest and good leader is someone who has achieved the fifth level and is working towards the betterment of other people’s lives. At this stage, you have a burning desire to develop and polish the leadership qualities in people. In simple words, you can achieve this level only when you are decided to become the leader of the leaders.

Bottom Line

People who do not have a knack for leadership can also achieve the second or the third phase of leadership development. However, honest and good leaders can only continue after that. So, if you find yourself somewhere in the third phase or ahead of that phase, then congratulations, you have real leadership qualities.

Those who are in the initial phases can work towards the upcoming phases. They just need the right direction, so if you are interested in achieving all these phases, then you can try out the leadership development program by Maximus.