Gift cards are often used as a compensation option for the creation of an employee incentive. They are good rewards after a positive evaluation program. Keeping an employee happy is the secret to a successful business, does not matter how small or big it is.

Nowadays gift cards are becoming more convenient and personalized. It is not just money you are giving away; each gift card can be used for different purposes giving freedom to the recipient.  Who doesn’t enjoy gift cards?

Take a look at all the options for gift cards available online or in different stores: a valid option is The Card Network’s eftpos card since you can use the money wherever you want.

If a company, a business has to make a gift for each employee, it cannot be personalized and customized. And if it is the same for all, someone for sure would not like it and won’t be happy about it. It is not surprising that gift cards are the best option in this cases.

Keeping employees happy and making them feel appreciated for the hard work they make every day is a simple, but efficient way to refine your business performance.

Why gift cards work

Gift cards are flexible enough for every budget

Gift cards come in a variety of price points. No need to spend a lot of money for them, it’s the gesture that can be appreciated.

Giving a $5 gift card for a coffee in your nearest bar to someone on your team for doing a fantastic job, it turns out, has a more positive effect as buying them the coffee itself, since you give freedom and the change to choose what they like!

Top Tips Using Gift Cards as Employee Incentives

When buying and giving gift cards, shoppers, or in this case, employers, must use caution. Here are some helpful hints and details about gift cards:

  • When you buy gift cards, be aware of the store’s specific expiration dates.
  • Buy gift cards from reputable retailers only like The Card Network’s eftpos card (and not from online auction sites).
  • Keep their original receipt with the card value in case of any problem.
  • The vast majority of retailers don’t charge a fee for gift cards, however reed all the terms and conditions.
  • If you want the gift to be personalized to a particular employee, there’s the option of adding personal messages and images.
  • Many gift cards can be used in different places such as grocery stores, drug stores, clothes outlets, restaurant etc..  also for movie theatres, bars and local business are starting to accept this form of payment.


The right reward at work can be futile without a proper recognition. If you are thinking of integrating gift cards into the employee rewards program for the first time, it is for sure a great decision to make. But remember that this may not be the only indicator that keeps your employees involved.

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