The makeup industry is very vast and fast growing. There are new opportunities for makeup artists emerging everyday. So, sometimes it can be a little confusing to decide which career path as a makeup artist is best suited for you. This article is here to make that decision easy for you by listing some of the best career paths for makeup artists in Australia.

Television & Film Makeup Artist

The TV and Movie Industry employs a large number of makeup artists. The actors need various kinds of makeup depending on the scenes they are supposed to shoot. Normal as well as Special Effects makeup requires a professional makeup artist to apply them on the actors. It is a career path that can not only help you meet famous people but become famous yourself.

Theater Makeup Artist

Makeup Artists are required in theaters to prepare the performers for their performance on stage. The stage lights can be very bright, so the makeup needs to be done accordingly, and this is something that requires a professional makeup artist.

Wedding Makeup Artist

A person’s wedding is an extremely important moment of their life and makeup artists make sure that the bride and groom look their best for it. Weddings are a huge event and a lot of preparation goes into making it all happen. Makeup artists make a big contribution in this with their skills.

Beauty Salon Makeup Artist

For people who need the professional touch on their makeup without having to hire a makeup artist personally, the greatest option is a makeup artist working in a beauty salon. There is a huge demand for makeup artists in beauty salons for this reason.

Cosmetic Store Makeup Artist

Cosmetic stores hire makeup artists not only for their skills, but for their knowledge as well. A cosmetic store makeup artist advises the customers about which makeup products will be right for them and even does their makeup if they opt for it.

Freelance Makeup Artist

You don’t need to get a job in a beauty salon, a theatre, a cosmetic store, etc. if you don’t want to. You can still show off your makeup skills to the world by working freelance. You get to work on your terms and can even open a business later on.

Fashion Show Makeup Artist

Makeup artists are backstage magicians in a fashion show. It is their job to think of makeup looks that go perfectly with the dresses that the models are going to wear and then use their skills to achieve that makeup look. They are a valuable part of the show and that is why they are always in demand.

Celebrity Makeup Artist

Often celebrities hire their personal makeup artists who glam them up for every occasion. Since they spend most of their time being filmed or photographed, it is important for celebrities to look their best, so they hire makeup artists that can help them do that.


These are some of the best career paths that you can choose if you wish to become a makeup artist. You can easily get the education and training you need through any makeup artist college of your choice.