The spread of coronavirus all over the world has created severe disruption in almost all spheres of life. Alarmed by the fast spread of covid-19, people have started to avoid gatherings and are opting for online food and grocery services. Although many apps are already providing such services, but their delivery service is not efficient. Due to the outbreak of the virus, delivery services must be efficient and germ free.    

            Since the outbreak of coronavirus, the installation rate of apps that are providing fresh food and other grocery items is increasing day by day. Many apps allow customers to input the order and deliver it to the customer with the help of a third-party Courier Company or even by the help of their own delivering staff. As the demand of customers is increasing day by day, the main question is whether the grocery delivery services will be able to meet the demand or not, and weather the delivery services have adequate resources to deliver grocery easily and efficiently.  

            In the time when there are a lot of orders to be delivered, one of the most important assets that the delivery service must possess includes a car or any other means of transportation. The delivery services having no or inadequate delivering trucks cannot last long during these circumstances. To avoid this, grocery delivery service providers can take advantage of the business car lease offer. This service will help the delivery service providers to purchase cars easily on installments.

            As the government of almost every country has banned the unnecessary visits of natives, people are looking for the most efficient and fastest delivery service providers. In order to gain reputation among people, the grocery delivery service providers need to advertise them. Using social media will help to further rush the demand of delivery of grocery items. If you as the grocery delivery service provider want to earn more money, you need to advertise as much as possible.

            Other than this, the grocery delivery service providers need to determine the best and easiest way to interact with their customers. They need to develop a website or an app that is user friendly and interactive. Those who cannot use the app must be given opportunity to interact with the help of phone. Opting for this will not only help to further increase the demand of delivery, but will also help the unprivileged population to stay safe during this outbreak.

            One thing that grocery delivery service providers must keep in mind is that they need to give prime importance to hygiene. You as a grocery delivery service provider need to wash your hands frequently and sanitize them, the points that are in contact with hands must also be sanitized, the delivery boy must wear gloves, and the customer should also be encouraged to wash his or her hands before and after handling the package.